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Traffic Stop?

Protect Your Record!

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Ignorance is Not an Excuse

You have been stopped and cited. Now what?

When you get stopped for a traffic offense, what you say and do matters. The less said, the fewer mistakes...generally. Arguments are best made in a courtroom by a seasoned advocate - not at the side of the road.

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Defending Your Driving Freedom

Presumption of Innocence (in a good way)

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Get a gatekeeper to open up for you.

Missouri law encourages citizens to be represented by an attorney. You will have options available to you that you may not know exist. Don't get shut out from your best outcome.


James Mucklestone has both prosecuted and defended a wide variety of traffic violations. Get his 30 years of experience to benefit your circumstance. Legal knowledge is one aspect of your defense, but courtroom know-how and negotiation skills set you apart from the pack. Your best possible outcome is our common goal.

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Accused of DWI/DUI?

Your immediate attention is required! Your license is in jeopardy. The sooner you call, the sooner you can be helped.


Alcohol/Drug Offenses


Traffic Accidents


Speeding Tickets

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Jurisdictions Covered

KC Area

Kansas City MO
Lee's Summit
North Kansas City
Jackson County
Lake Winnebago
Lone Jack
Pleasant Hill

Western Missouri

Clay County
Platte County
Lafayette County
Saline County
Cass County
Henry County
Polk County
Greene County
Christian County
Webster County
Dallas County

Eastern Missouri

Phelps County
Pulaski County
Laclede County
Morgan County

Washington State


Whether you have been cited in Eastern Missouri, Western Missouri, the Kansas City area, Springfield, the Ozarks or on your trip to Washington, James Mucklestone can protect your record and defend you. Reasonable fees for superlative defense. Tell me where you were cited. Tell me the allegation against you. We will work out a quote together.

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About James

Benefits of Generational Wisdom

       James first realized his love of the courtroom at age 10. The presiding judge was Patricia Mucklestone, (also known as "mom"). The witness on the stand contradicted himself during prolonged questioning by his own attorney. Young James pointed this out to the opposing attorney, who raised that point to the court. The decision was made against the witness.

James had a new goal from that point forward, and graduated from law school 13 years later.

After developing a passion for fast convertibles and building his own hot rod (a '70 Buick GSX- license plate RASERX), traffic defense became a natural--and necessary--area of expertise. 

Mom and Dad, John and Patricia Mucklestone, each practiced law for over 50 years. They were examples of integrity and dedication to their children, many of whom followed in their footsteps as attorneys. Brother John Patrick Mucklestone, sister Jeannie Mucklestone and James have now been defending clients in Washington State for over 30 years. 

While driving through Kansas City on a road trip, James and his family were drawn to the family-friendly atmosphere (and the BBQ!) and they were inspired to relocate. Now the Chiefs and Royals have new fans and Kansas City defendants can benefit from James' courtroom knowledge and expertise. 

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James Mucklestone


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James saved my bacon, representing me for a traffic ticket. It was a ticket where you had to be there or have a lawyer representing you. Being from out of state, it was more of a burden. The fee was more than reasonable. His manner was very pleasant and easy to get along with.
I would recommend James.

Les M.

If you live in the Kansas City Missouri area, and have need for a driving defense lawyer, here's your guy.
I have known James for over a decade and have always known him to be a man of integrity, strong work ethic, a man of faith and results oriented. He has helped me and my family settle a ticket that I thought for sure could not be disputed, but he found a way. He is very knowledgable with decades of experience. I highly recommend him.

Jody S.

James Mucklestone is a passionate, skilled and knowledgeable attorney. I had the privilege of watching James represent hundreds of clients over the past 15 years. I can honestly say that I know of no better traffic attorney.

Michael Sheehan, Attorney

KC Driving Defense provides the services of a criminal justice attorney near Kansas City. Attorney James Mucklestone, the founder of the firm, defends clients who are arrested or under investigation for criminal charges involving DUI, drug offenses, speeding tickets, and traffic violations. He works with clients to achieve the goal of a favorable settlement or verdict for criminal charges involving vehicular collisions and related investigations. Jurisdictions serviced include Kansas City and the surrounding area.

Expertise Award - Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Kansas City

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1325 W Sunshine No.552

Springfield, Missouri 65807


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